Wine Tourism 2.0



Have you ever had the experience of ariving in a small German town full of wineries and asking yourself, “what do we do now?”

With over 9000 wineries and wine producers in Germany, trying to figure out which wineries welcome walk-ins and which wineries offer tourist-related activities can be very confusing to visitors in a wine region. We -the OpenDoorWineries – are trying to change that by creating a network of like-minded wine producers, wine educators and wine tour operators that follow certain criteria in creating and communicating regular offers for visitors to our beautiful wine regions.


What is OpenDoorWine Tourism?

Fee-based, structured wine experiences, wine tastings and wine tours offered on a regular basis by wine producers , wine educators and wine tour operators. Also known as “cellar door” tourism in New World wine regions.


How do I participate in an OpenDoorWine experience?

Our network of particitipating businesses is still in the beginning stages and is growing constantly. We hope to eventually have a system of symbols (reservation only, walk-ins welcome etc) , a map so that you can create a route, and other materials. Until then, please check out the links below to see what wineries and tour operators are offering (links are only in German as of yet).

For those who like to plan (offers by reservation): choose a winery (see list below),  choose your wine experience and book online or make an appointment.

For the spontaneous among us (walk-ins welcome): Check out the winery’s website to find out opening hours and whether they offer tastings, flights or a weekly tour, and off you go!

As soon as we have a more professional system for booking and finding offers… we’ll let you know 🙂

Who are the OpenDoorWineries?

Pfalz: Southern Palatinate –  Neustadt


Weingut Knöll & Vogel; Bad Bergzabern

Weingut Doll; Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach

Weingut Schmitt; Ilbesheim

Weingut Hechtmann; Ilbesheim

Weingut Eck; Ilbesheim

Weinerlebnisse by Wine und Soul; Birkweiler

NaturPur & WeinKultur; Landau

Weingut Scherr; Hainfeld

Weingut Borell-Diehl; Hainfeld

Weingut Damm; Edenkoben

Weingut  & Vinotel Schreieck; St. Martin

Weingut Herrengut; St. Martin

Wein- & Gästehaus Zöller; Kirrweiler

Weingut Kühborth & Sinn; Neustadt-Duttweiler

Bioweingut Mohr-Gutting; Neustadt-Duttweiler

Weingut Wolfgang Spies; Neustadt-Duttweiler

Neustadt –  Bad Dürkheim


Weingut Clade; Neustadt-Diedesfeld

Weingut Johann Müller; Neustadt-Hambach

Weinwerk Reinhardt; Deidesheim

Schloss Wachenheim; Wachenheim/ Weinstraße

Weingut Eymann; Gönnheim

Weingut Heissler; Bad Dürkheim

Weingut Mesel; Bad Dürkheim

Weingut Hanewald-Schwerdt; Bad Dürkheim

Erlebe die Pfalz; Bad Dürkheim

Weingut Kohl; Erpolzheim

Weinhaus Schick; Weisenheim am Sand


Northern Palatinate & Rheinhessen


Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim am Berg

Weingut Holz-Weisbrodt; Weisenheim am Berg

Weingut Schloss Janson; Bockenheim/Weinstraße

Weingut Stahlheber; Kindenheim

Weingut Bremer; Niefernheim/Zellertal

Schlossgut Lüll; Wachenheim/Zellertal

Weingut Engel; Flörsheim-Dallsheim

Weingut Uhinck; Flörsheim-Dallsheim



Weingut Köwerich, Leiwen

Wein, Weingüter & Weinkultur  authentisch, individuell, und nachhaltig erleben.


Das ist #OpenDoorWein!