We Deliver!

Free of charge. For you. On Tour.

In times of Amazon & Co. , we’re very proud of our delivery tour system that was established over 50 years ago.  

Directly from producer to customer, without a middleman, we deliver within Germany – from Flensburg in the north to Munich in the south – 4 times a year for our customer – free of charge.


how it works:

  • You will receive our wine list per mail 4 times a year with your personal delivery date marked on it.
  • To qualify for free delivery, order a minimum of 30 botttles in our online shop, via email or call us with your order.
  • Your order  will be delivered to your house door by one of our friendly team members.
  • Payment methods:  paypal/credit card in our online-shop or via invoice upon delivery.

Convenient. Direct.Personal.