Janson in der Emichsburg

For 6 generations we – the Janson family -have lived on and farmed our beautiful estate located at the northern tip of the German Wine Route – the Deutsche Weinstraße – in the Palatinate – the Pfalz.

Schloss Janson, as it has been known since 1831,  is situated within the sandstone-walled ruins of the former Emichsburg castle –  named after Count Emich XI from Leiningen and dating back to the middle ages.

Through many wars and the “sands of time” there are few remnants left of the former castle. In it’s place you’ll find a family-run estate with a passion for wine and nature, a determination to evolve, to rebuild, and to create something beautiful – with each generation leaving its own unique footprint. We love our history, we love our family and we love what we do!